R&R Innovation

30 years of research and analysis of over 30 million tracks combined with scientific tests on over 30,000 people. We’ve developed the best personalisation engine in the world designed to deliver relevant choices.

Finding relevant content is like trying to find a needle in an infinite number of rapidly expanding haystacks.

We don’t just remove the haystacks and give you the needle,
we’ll give your own personal needle with your name on it.


Our patented technology mirrors the way that the human brain reacts to sound. We interpret that reaction to determine personality types and their likely behavioural traits and preferences.



You can access all that we do via our API’s, however in order to help bring our vision to life, we have created three product teams each focused on a separate market sector. All of which contributes towards the creation of a 360-degree feedback loop that learns and improves with use. Enabling businesses to make their customer communications even more relevant.



Imagine being able to cut through the noise to receive perfectly personalised choices, across all media.

Finding great new content doesn’t have to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Contextual Player

Scientific studies have shown that music can enhance and improve any activity.

But only if it is the right music at the right time tailored to the tastes of the individual and is in context with that activity.

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Music is our starting point, and we’ve never lost sight of the invaluable contribution made by artists and other professionals.

We help them come out of shadows and achieve the recognition they desire.

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 everything we do starts with music.

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